• New Interactive mode debugger via -i option (Experimental). Drops you into a shell in the container, if the build fails.
  • New Support for Dockerfiles via FROM DOCKERFILE command (Beta). Docs. Example.
  • New Significant speed improvement on Mac (builds are now almost 3x faster).
  • New Built-in arg EARTHLY_TARGET_TAG_DOCKER. It is similar to EARTHLY_TARGET_TAG, except that it will produce a valid Docker tag. Docs.
  • Improved error display in case of build failure
  • Reduced repetitive progress output
  • Fixed an issue where leftover socket files would cause the build to fail


The location of the Earthly cache has moved to a Docker volume. You may remove your previous cache to free up space via

  • Upgrading from 0.1.xdocker rm -f earthly-buildkitd sudo rm -rf /tmp/earthly
  • Upgrading from 0.2.xdocker rm -f earthly-buildkitd sudo rm -rf /var/cache/earthly

In addition, the earth option -i has been repurposed. If you were using it to produce images, you will need to change those to earth --image instead.

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